Yossie Hollander

Co-Founder & Chairman Fuel Freedom Foundation

Joseph “Yossie” Hollander is a technology serial entrepreneur turned philanthropist. Mr. Hollander’s philanthropic efforts are directed towards Israel and the Jewish people worldwide, including by way of Holocaust education and remembrance, energy and energy policy, and economic policy. His foundation’s latest work includes an analysis of the recent rise in the acts and funding of anti-Semitism, as well as strategies to counteract the continued growth and spread of this tragic mindset.

He is a prominent speaker at world-renowned “think tanks,” author of numerous articles and is one of the producers of the movie “PUMP” (which explains the details behind America’s addiction to oil, the economic, environmental and cultural side effects of this addiction).

As the son of Holocaust survivors, he’s a believer in the importance of Holocaust education. He dedicated the Yad Vashem’s Dana and Yossie Hollander Campus for Holocaust Education, Research and Documentation. Mr. Hollander is the founder and funder of “Echoes and Reflections,” a program developed collaboratively with the ADL, USC Shoah Foundation and Yad Vashem to provide secondary educators with professional development and resources needed to teach students about the Holocaust.