Yochi Brandes

Award Winning Author

Israeli novelist and essayist Yochi Brandes was born in Haifa  Yaffa (Miriam Sheindl) and Rabbi Yitzhak Ya’akov Rabinowitz, the Biala Rebbe of Ramat Aharon. She is married to Ofer Brandes and is the mother of four children.

For many years, Yochi Brandes taught Bible and Jewish Thought in high schools from various streams of Israeli society (National Religious, Masorti, and Public schools), as well as at Jerusalem’s Beit Shmuel and Herzliya’s Interdisciplinary Center (IDC). She trained teachers for Judaic Studies subjects and wrote curriculum in Bible and Judaism. Today, she continues to teach Bible through appearances open to the general public.

Brandes’s literary work focuses on central figures from Jewish history who initiated revolutions. Her books are based on Jewish sources from a wide range of time periods and societal segments: the Bible, Rabbinic literature, Jewish thought, Jewish law, mysticism, Hasidism, and Zionism. Each of her books is centered on a significant era in the history of the nation of Israel, told from unusual perspectives and intensifying the voices of women.