Rabbi Dr. Benny Lau

Noted Scholar, Author & Founder of the 929 Initiative

Rabbi Dr. Benny Lau is one of the most known and charismatic figures in Israeli society today.  Rabbi Lau served as the senior rabbi of the Ramban Synagogue in Jerusalem, one of Israel’s most progressive modern Orthodox institutions. Rabbi Lau also had his own weekly television series on Israel’s Channel One.  An outspoken advocate for modernizing the Israeli rabbinate, Rabbi Lau has been a pioneer in encouraging progress in many areas of Jewish life including, women’s participation, marriage and conversion. In 2005, Rav Benny in collaboration with “Ma'aglei Tzedek”, a social justice NGO, founded the Beit Midrash for Social Justice at Beit Morasha. 

A noted author, he has published scores of books and research articles on the Jewish heritage. His prolific writings focus on Jewish philosophy, issues of Halakhah and society, and the connection between Biblical, Mishnaic, and Talmudic sources and contemporary social and political realities.

Rabbi Dr. Lau headed the IDI's Human Rights and Judaism Project to implement Jewish values in the field. 

Currently, he leads the team behind ‘929’, an Israeli social initiative aimed at creating discourse amongst all sectors of society based on the revival and relevance of the 929 chapters of the Tanach.