Nuphar Ezra

IAC Mishelanu Fellow

Nuphar Ezra is a 22-year-old Israeli- American college graduate from the University of California, Santa Barbara where she received Bachelor's degrees in Sociology and Cultural Anthropology. While attending school, she has worked with numerous pro-Israel and Jewish organizations including Chabad, Hillel, JAM (Jewish American Movement), and IAC Mishelanu to unite students on campus and connect them closer to their heritage. During her time at UCSB, she fought alongside her peers against all forms of antisemitism, most prominently against BDS on campus. With the help and success of our community, UCSB proudly remains the only UC school that has yet to pass a pro-BDS resolution. Nuphar is now changing gears to pursue a career in the fashion industry and is currently working as a Production Coordinator for a custom manufacturing company.