Netaly Ophir Flint

Partner at KONU: Growing and Provoking Leadership

Netaly Ophir Flint is a Partner at KONU - an international consultancy for leadership development and change management that specializes in the art of Adaptive Leadership. At KONU, she works with mission-driven individuals, executives, and organizations to help them adapt and thrive as they tackle complex challenges in a rapidly changing world.

Until recently, Netaly served as the CEO of the Reut Institute Group - a 21st Century think tank and leadership group designed to address the most pressing issues facing Israel and the Jewish people. In the past, Netaly led Reut’s groundbreaking work on the changing relations between Israel and world Jewry, specifically focusing on the Israeli Diaspora as a catalyst for Jewish Peoplehood.  

Netaly holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government as a Wexner Israel Fellow and a dual MA in International Relations and Conflict Management and Resolution from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She is also a certified mediator and facilitator.

Netaly currently lives in LA with her husband and their three children.