Lior Yehuda

Co-Founder MasonCo Inc, Branch Managing Partner – FIMC & IAC Council Member, Los Angeles

Lior Yehuda serves as the Branch Managing Partner at Fairway Independent Mortgage and was formerly the founder of Lending360 a professional mortgage practice that put an emphasis on

the ultimate client experience. Lior is also the co-founder & CEO to a new construction tech startup called Mason which provides innovative funding mechanisms and much needed technology solutions for the industry.

Lior works tirelessly, providing business development for the company, all while providing a progressive, team-oriented place to work.

Lior makes time for the moments that matter. He values the fact that his career allows him to invest in the lives of others by making their home- and property-owning dreams a reality, all

while affording him the flexibility to spend time with his beautiful family. Lior is married to his high school sweetheart Danna and together they have two beautiful daughters, Kylie & Ella.

Lior loves his community and enjoys giving back, he recently sat as a board member for CAMP (California Association of Mortgage Professionals), and currently is involved with a few

community and Jewish organization. Currently, Lior is the chairman of LEAD which is the young professional leadership group for Edge in Los Angeles and also acts as the chairman of the

board for the IAC’s national young professional group called EDGE, in addition to this Lior is the chairman of the LA regions real estate network NADLANIST. If that’s not enough Lior has held a

supporter status with the IAC for many years and has recently been nominated and accepted into the IAC Council as the youngest council member.

While many believe the financial vertical is all business and no heart, Lior believes the opposite is true and truly values not only the impact that he's able to have on the families who walk

through his door, but also the opportunities it provides for his employees and those waiting for him back at home.