Geula Even - Sa'ar

Anchor, Israeli TV Chanel ,KAN 11

Speaker: צבא ותקשורת במאה ה-21

Geula Even Saar is one of Israel's leading journalists and broadcasters, the anchor of Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation main newscast

Even Saar began her journalistic career when she served as a reporter and radio presenter on the IDF Radio station during her military service, and was already marked as a great promise. In 1993, upon her discharge from the army, she began working on Israel TV's first channel and was the moderator of the daily program "Good Morning Israel".

In 1997, Geula Even Saar became Channel One's main news anchor and The first woman in Israel to anchor TV's evening newscast singlehandedly.

In 1998, she began presenting 'New Evening', the flagship program of educational television.

In 2002, Even Saar began anchoring the "Hayoman" program, channel One's  weekly newscast , and after six years  she began moderating the program "This Evening with Geula Even" on Channel One and in 2012, "Hamusaf" - two current events and interviews magazine programs.

During the years 2017-2018 Even Saar anchored the daily evening news program on the IPBC channel one TV station.

In addition to the permanent slot, Even Saar has led to countless special broadcasts: elections, terror attacks, the peace treaty with Jordan and many more live broadcasts and BREAKING NEWS, which the Middle East provides us with abundance.

In 2018 Upon the announcement of the advancing of the elections date in Israel and her husband's return to public/political life Even Saar announced her retirement from anchoring the daily evening news program.

At present, Even Saar co - hosts a nightly arts and culture program on IPBC channel one TV station and in addition she hosts a weekly talk radio interview program.           

Geula Even Saar has established herself as a leading television and radio broadcaster thanks to thousands of hours of intense and uncompromising interviews with politicians from Israel and abroad from all over the political spectrum.

Geula Even Saar lives in Tel Aviv. She is married to Gideon Saar- a member of the Likud party, former minister of both, internal affairs and of education, Currently a member of the Israeli Knesset.
Geula is the mother of Tamar, Yoav, Aya, David and Shira.