Dr. Hila Korach

Israeli Journalist, Television Hostess, Radio Presenter & Physician

Hila Korach, M.D. is a doctor, a journalist, a televisionpresenter, and a podcaster. She is married to Dror, a mother of three children, and a firm believer in multi-disciplinarity (less of a believer in the importance of hours of sleep…).

Korach has come a long way in the Israeli media world, starting with her military service at the Israeli Army Radio (Galatz), through 12 years as the co-host of the most successful morning TV show in Israel, until landing the lead anchor role of the Saturday night news. At the same time, Korach finds time to juggle between her other passions: she is the presenter of a daily TV science program and a co-podcaster of the viral parenting podcast – “Mom-Mom” – together with the parenting expert, Einat Nathan.