Rabbi Dave Felsenthal

OU Chief Innovation Officer

Rabbi Dave Felsenthal is the OU Chief Innovation Officer.  He was the founding Director of the OU Next Division (College & YP Programs), OU Birthright Follow-up (Bring Israel Home, Bring Back Shabbat, OU Partners In Torah, Aspire to Inspire), OU IFS (Israel Free Spirit Birthright Israel), NCSY Alumni, Columbus Jewish Connections, the Schottenstein Scholars and ASAP.  He has also founded several successful businesses (FLAG Ad Specialties, Your Family First, Tried It All LLC). He has worked in various capacities for the OU and NCSY for more than 32 years in Atlantic Seaboard, New York, Central East, New Jersey, Israel, National NCSY and the OU Administration.

He has studied in Yeshiva University, Kerem B’Yavneh, Ner Israel (Rav HaManhig), University of Maryland (BA Computers, MA Business), Aish HaTorah (Smicha) & Ohr LaGolah (Certified in Counseling & Education). Rabbi Dave is also an Executive Director 7 with Melaleuca, The Wellness Company, is chairman of the Association of Jewish Outreach Professionals (AJOP), and consults and lectures for both nonprofit and for profit throughout North America on topics in Judaism and Business (rabbidave.com).