Orit Feigelman

Founder and Chairwoman- The Riviera Parliament ladies

Orit Feigelman was born in Israel and is a second generation sabra. She graduated from high school in Israel with majors in Mathematics and Biology. She obtained her B.SC degree as a Materials Engineer at Ben Gurion University in the Negev. Orit completed her military service in Israel Defense Force, in the combat research Unit. Orit is married to Doron Feigelman and has two sons Jordan (28) - Mechanical and Robotic Engineer Roy (24) – AA- Exercise science and a student. Orit and her husband are owners and founders of a technology company called USAID Systems Inc. They also own a real estate investment company.

Since moving to the United States, Orit has had mixed emotions: She lives here, but her heart is still in Israel. This feeling drove her to do something more. In May 2014 Orit and four colleagues living in South Florida, decided that they needed to create a bond for Israeli women that focused on professionalism and targeted a strong connection to Israel. Their goal was to establish an organization with a steady Israeli identity that would influence the Israeli and Jewish societies in Miami. From this desire came the establishment of the Ladies Riviera Parliament (Ha Parliament Ha Nashi-הפרלמנט הנשי). The Ladies Riviera Parliament organizes social and educational events that bond Israeli groups and their families. The Ladies Riviera Parliament is under the wings of the Riviera Parliament, an organization of men established by the Riviera parliament President, Mr.  Ammon Gershoni, 14 years ago. Orit and her husband Doron devote most of their spare time and resources to nonprofit organizations.