Noa Eliasaf-Shoham

Co-Founder and Board Member, Reut Institute & Executive Director of Israel Yozemet

Ms. Eliasaf-Shoham is the CEO of Israel Yozemet am Impact group that promotes regional alliance with the moderate states in the Middle East. She is also an adviser to the Reut Group in Israel. Noa is a social entrepreneur with track record in NGO management. She was a member of Reut's founding team and acted as its Vice president in the early years (2004-2006).  She founded "Peace on the Roads", an organization advocating for road safety in Israel (2000-2003); Noa lived in Palo Alto between 2006-2014 and served on various boards including the OFJCC in Palo Alto and the SF Federation Endowment Board and was on the founding team of the ICC @ JCC in Palo Alto and the Gvanim program. She is a graduate of the Wexner Heritage program (SF11).   Ms. Eliasaf -Shoham writes a blog  called "Hope Makers" . She and her family reside in Tel Aviv.