Michael Reitblat

CEO & Co-Founder, Forter

Michael Reitblat is the CEO and Co-Founder of Forter, creating a fraud-free world for eCommerce. In just 4 years, Michael has led Forter to create the world’s largest, most accurate, real-time, fraud prevention solution, powering Fortune 500 retailers, financial institutions and online travel companies drive over a billion dollars of incremental sales; while being completely protected from online payment fraud. Forter has partnered with the world’s best VCs, in Sequoia Capital and NEA, and backed by over $50M in funding.

Prior to founding Forter, Michael led the product and business development at several successful Israeli startups, including Pango, Kontera (acquired by Singtel), Fraud Sciences (acquired by PayPal) and Imperva NASDAQ: IMPV. Michael’s fascination with online fraudsters began following a successful “self-experimentation with the Internet” phase as a teenager and an even more successful period of service as an intelligence officer inthe Israeli Cyber Command. Michael also serves as a board member and investor and several cutting-edge technology companies in construction tech (robotics) and exascale computing.