Guy Franklin

General Manager, SOSA NYC and Founder, “Israeli Mapped in NY”

Guy Franklin is the General Manager of SOSA NYC and the founder of "Israeli Mapped in NY". SOSA, a global network of tech innovation hubs, was founded in 2013 by 25 leading Israeli investors and hi-tech entrepreneurs. SOSA brings together the world’s most innovative startups and entrepreneurs, and delivers cutting-edge ideas to corporations and investors looking to enhance their business.“Israeli Mapped in NY”is an interactive platform that maps the Israeli startups operating in NY. Israeli Mapped in NY helps to show the Israeli innovation and creativity to the world and promote the Israeli startups community in NY to investors and other players in the startups eco-system in NY.

Prior to joining SOSA, Guy worked as an accountant at Ernst and Young in Tel-Aviv and NYC dealing with startups for over 10 years. Guy was recently named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Israel by The Marker Magazine and named one of the 10 Israelis making a mark on New York’s tech scene.Based on the success of “Israeli Mapped in NY”, Guy founded additional platforms in Boston and London.The platforms guy created received several awards and recognition's, as this was something that changed the conversation about Israel and continues to promote the Israeli startups community.