Eva Rosenstein

Lilyan Wilder Center for Communication Excellence

Eva Rosenstein is the President and CEO of the Lilyan Wilder Center for Communication Excellence, a US-based non-profit (501c3) organization. The Center provides training for Israeli leaders and those that speak on behalf of Israel to become more effective communicators.  Eva and the Center utilize the Lilyan Wilder methodology to train, coach, and mentor leaders representing Israel and the Jewish people. 

Eva is Lilyan Wilder’s protégé, having been trained by Lilyan in her methodology in Media and Communication. Eva was instrumental in the development of the multi-media, hands-on techniques used effectively in the training and serves as the chief trainer.   During the past 5 years Eva trained hundreds of leaders and those that aspire to leadership roles in Israel and in the Diaspora. Included among the many that Eva trained in the Lilyan Wilder methodology are Israeli members of Knesset, Government Ministers, IDF officers, spokespeople of metropolitan localities, leaders of NGOs, physicians, members of various Israeli government ministries and Jewish leaders in the US and the UK.  The training has been exceptionally successful with extremely positive feedback from the participants. 

Eva has extensive experience in business and marketing as a senior executive with several major US corporations.  Earlier, she was the co-founder of the hi-tech startup Versaware where she managed large international marketing and business development teams.  Eva also managed, designed, delivered and implemented formal management training and professional development programs for several large US-based technology corporations.

Eva holds a Master’s Degree in Mathematics from Brooklyn College and a second Master’s
Degree in Computer Science and Management from Polytechnic Institute of NYU.