Dr. Dror Eydar

Literature, Culture and Society Researcher; Senior Commentator at Israel Hayom

Speaker: More Than Words: How Hebrew Language Shapes Jewish Identity
Speaker: Anti-Semitism 2.0
Speaker: Celebrating 100 years since the Signing of the Balfour Declaration

Dr. Dror Eydar is a leading columnist for Israel Hayom daily newspaper, and a popular lecturer in Israel and throughout the world. Prior to that, he was the editor of the art and literature supplement of Nativ, a journal of politics. He is the author of Alterman –Baudelaire; Paris – Tel Aviv: Urbanism and Myth in the Poetry of Nathan Alterman and Charles Baudelaire (2003), and The Last of the Lord's Poets - Myth, Ethos and Mysticism in the Literary Works of Yosef Zvi Rimon, (2009).

Eydar has a Ph.D. in Hebrew and Jewish literature from Bar Ilan University. Prior to that, he studied 5 years in High Yeshiva and served as a combat-medic in Golani brigade. He has taught at many universities and colleges in Israel, as well as published hundreds of articles and essays on politics, popular culture, religion, history, myths, language, book reviews and criticism in many journals and newspapers. In addition, he publishes original works of poetry and prose. He is a co-founder of The Second Zionist Revolution Circle, a group of conservative Israeli intellectuals. He is also a member in “The Liaison Committee”, an informal Israeli Jewish-Christian initiative.