Dani Zamir

Head of Pre-Military Leadership Academies

Dani Zamir is the CEO of the National Council of Pre-Military Leadership Academies (Mechinot), the umbrella organization that represents the 52 Mechinot in Israel. He is the founder of Mechinat Rabin, the Yitzhak Rabin Pre Army Leadership Development Academy, at HaMidrasha and heads the Department for Young Communities at HaMidrasha. Dani has achieved the rank of Major (res.) in the Israel Defense Forces and is a practicing lawyer.

Dani is a consummate educator who inspires young Israelis to take an active role in their communities and to make their IDF service meaningful. His tireless efforts to instill in young people a true understanding of social responsibility, connect them to their Jewish culture and cultivate a commitment to the betterment of Israeli society, are producing an entire cadre of committed, thoughtful and compassionate leaders.

Dani lives on Moshav Karkom with his wife Ela. Together they have raised three children, all of whom are graduates of Mechinat Rabin, officers in the army and community activists.