As schools across the country take their learning online, the IAC has developed a three-week activism module, which is based on our successful Media Room and adapted for the current learning environment.

Through interactive online sessions, students will learn about the terminology of Israel activism (what historic events are often used against Israel?), practice how to respond to tough questions, learn about the current state of antisemitism (what does it look like and how can it be defined?), and the difference between productive criticism of Israel and anti-Zionism (is anti-Zionism antisemitism?).

Each course session will be taught by an activism expert.

We see this as a great opportunity to offer your students a series of online sessions on subjects that are key in building the future leaders of the Jewish community and preparing them for campus life.

Schools are offered the ConnecTivism curriculum as a 5-session free package, and should contact us to schedule the dates and times. We will work around your scheduling needs. 

For additional information please email [email protected]