Monday, October 2, 2017

With the new year in full swing, we’re looking forward and super excited for our upcoming conference. Why? Well, for starters, there will be thousands of Israeli-Americans there — people who share our identity and understand who we are and where we come from. We’ll get to celebrate Israel for four days straight — with amazing Israeli food, music, and culture. And we’ll have the chance to hear inspiring words from Israelis and friends of Israel who are truly changing the world, including:

Ran Harnevo


A serial and successful entrepreneur, Ran Harnevo co-founded 5min Media, the first online video syndication platform, which was later acquired by AOL for $65 million. Yup, you saw that right! As Global President of AOL’s Video division, Ran oversaw the creation and production of high-quality original programming and even won an Emmy Award for one of them! Before all of that professional success, Ran served in the Israeli Air Force for 7 years.

Nikki Haley


The United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, was born to Sikh immigrants and entered politics at a young age. Nikki was both the first female governor and Indian-American governor in South Carolina. A strong supporter of Israel, Nikki signed into law a bill to stop efforts of the BDS movement. She also stated that "nowhere has the UN’s failure been more consistent and more outrageous than in its bias against our close ally Israel." We can’t wait to hear Nikki’s keynote address!  

Nir Caspi


Do you love Israeli breakfasts? I’m talking about eggs + cheese + techina + jam + tons of fluffy bread + olives + foamy coffee + juice… Yum! As co-founder of Cafe Landwer, Nir Caspi brought Israeli breakfasts — and other delicious meals — across Israel. With 65 locations around Israel, the chain now grosses $90 Million in annual revenues. Oh, and they plan to expand to North America. Yay!

Kfir Gavrieli

Kfir Gavrieli is the co-founder and CEO of Tieks, a company that designs and sells a line of women’s flat shoes known for its signature split-sole, Italian leather, and portability. Super comfy! Not only has the company achieved lots of recognition, with inclusions in Entrepreneur’s Top 30 Startups to Watch, Forbes’ 25 Most Innovative Consumer Brands, and Oprah Magazine’s The O List, it has also shown amazing to commitment to women’s empowerment. Through the Gavrieli Foundation, it has become the largest individual lender in the world on Kiva, sending over $10 million to women entrepreneurs living in poverty around the world. Go Kfir go!

Miri Ben Ari


A Grammy Award-winning violinist, Miri Ben-Ari is an Israeli-American who has collaborated with Kanye West, Jay Z, Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, Maroon 5, Janet Jackson, John Legend, and many other famous performers. Also an amazing humanitarian, Miri is the CEO and co- founder of GEDENK, an organization that promotes tolerance to young people through creative programs. Born in Tel Aviv, Miri started training at the age of five and played in the Israeli Army String Quartet. After her army service, she relocated to New York and played gigs to pay her rent. We are so excited to hear Miri’s powerful performance at the IAC Mishelanu Conference!

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