Tuesday, February 9, 2021

A List of the IAC Community’s Actions in Response to

the California Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum (ESMC)




  • Launched Facebook groups with more than 4,000, joined by pro-Israel active community members
  • Within the first week we created 20 calls to action to reach out to decision makers on social media. Approached California School Employees Association, the CDE, the Superintendent, and other decision makers.
  • Collected and shared stories by community members who faced anti-Semitic and anti-Israel experiences in public schools.
  • Briefed several media outlets to ensure that the community was made aware of the issue
  • Launched a Facebook campaign including personal informal video clips to raise awareness and to spread calls to action made by our community.
  • Hosted a Town Hall info session with Assembly Member Jesse Gabriel on ESMC.
  • More than 15,000 people signed IAC’s official complaint to the CDE
  • More than 20,000 letters, postcards, and emails were submitted to the CDE, and the governor’s office



  • Created community-based parent task forces in San Diego



  • Created community-based parent task forces in San Diego


MAY 2020

  • Held a campaign surrounding Alhambra County schoolboard’s vote to endorse the ESMC original, rejected draft. Brought our community together to comment at the schoolboard meeting to share our concerns.
  • Call to Action to call on Oakland Schoolboard to not support the original, problematic model curriculum


JUNE 2020

  • Hosted an informative and interactive online community discussion regarding upcoming release of revised curriculum.


JULY 2020

  • Held a campaign to stop LAUSD from voting to support in favor of the original, rejected model curriculum. More than 3,000 emails were sent to the schoolboard and many community members joined the schoolboard meeting express concerns. LAUSD postponed its vote, modified the resolution, and didn’t end up supporting the original curriculum.


  • IAC released a new petition, thanking CDE for their work with the community and requesting additional edits. Nearly 10,000 community members signed the petition and sent an email to the CDE.



  • Parent Task Force meeting for San Diego and Orange County on how to establish effective relationships with local administrators to ensure the needs of our community.



  • Send an Email campaign for the last public commenting period



  • Counter tweets campaign for twitter storm led by anti-Israel orgs



  • Successfully recruited students from our community to sit on panel of Middle Eastern students offered for educators in SD county to hear students’ experiences. 


  • Calling on parents to invite their children’s teachers and administrators to workshop regarding Middle Eastern students and the Holocaust.