Student Leadership Session at National Israeli-American Conference in Washington, D.C. 2015

Mishelanu hosted an exclusive student leadership session at the 2nd annual IAC National Conference, October 17th-19th in Washington, D.C. Students and conference participants will engage in plenaries, breakout panels, workshops and discussions relating to Israeli-American and Jewish identity, supporting Israel, entrepreneurship and high-tech, Israel and the Middle East, non-profits, philanthropy, Israeli culture, and a tailored session for students about community leadership, civil advocacy, and innovative thinking.

We had an incredible day with Smadar Tadmor from Metis Consulting, A boutique organizational consulting firm that empowers leaders to achieve peak performance (http://metis-rt.com/). 

We hosted Member of the Knesset, Dr. Erel Margalit for a thought-provoking talk about peace opportunities and potential partners  in the middle east, a social enterpenurships in Israel, vision and leadership.