Barak Levin

Southeast Regional Program Manager -Mishelanu

Barak is the IAC Mishelanu Southeast, regional manager. He was born in Israel and raised in the United States in Oak Park IL. Like many young American Jews, he spent his summers at URJ summer camps and when he was 18, went to Israel for a post-high school gap year through MASA. When he was 22 years old he joined the IDF where he served as an infantry soldier as part of the Nahal Brigade.  Upon receiving an honorable discharge in 2015, he returned to the states where he earned a BS from Allegheny College in Pennsylvania, majoring in Psychology.


He is passionate about serving the Jewish-Israeli-American communities through his work with Mishelanu, building a thriving Israeli-American community on university campuses. In his off time, you can find him lifting weights at the gym and exploring beautiful Miami, the city he now calls home.