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Israeli American Council Florid& Michael-Ann Russell JCC
Wednesday, January 29, 2020 - 7:30pm
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Michael-Ann Russell JCC
18900 NE 25th Ave
33180 Miami , FL

Tammy was born as an only child to two Auschwitz survivors. Her mother spent four years as the (Jewish!) secretary of Dr. Mengele. Tammy was born after the war, but her parents’ past haunted her childhood and stole her natural right to happiness.

Only at the age of 45, Tammy discovers that she has not ever really lived or been loved . This startling revelation comes to her through a stranger, who suddenly enters her life and opens up locked doors to her soul. But is Tammy capable of loving and being loved as she dreams, or will the black hole inside her swallow anyone who dares to come close?

"Whistle" - is a monodrama that gives voice to the pain of the second generation of survivors, and exposes the invisible yet deep wounds of the Holocaust.