About The Event

Saturday, September 24, 2016 - 9:00am to Monday, September 26, 2016 - 7:00pm
Washington DC , DC

The IAC National Conference is the foremost annual gathering of the Israeli-American community.

Join us for an inspired, engaging three-day journey that delves into the most critical issues facing the Israeli-American and Jewish communities. Examine questions surrounding Israeli and Jewish identity and hear from world-renowned experts about the most pressing issues in global affairs. Explore cutting-edge educational opportunities for our children, network with innovators at the center of politics, culture, and business. Work to cultivate the leadership and growth of the Israeli-American community.

American and Israeli experts, community leaders, elected officials, innovators and influencers will join one of the largest Jewish community gatherings and explore 3 core issues:

  1. Jewish and Israeli identity of the young generation
  2. Israel as a Nation State of the Jewish People
  3. Israeli American and Jewish peoplehood

We will examine the current state of these three pillars of Jewish peoplehood and seek to understand the growing gap between them. In particular, we will explore how Israeli-Americans, which constitute 10 percent of America’s Jewish American Community, can serve as a living bridge over this growing chasm.

The 2015 National Israeli-American Conference gathered more than 1300 people from the top echelons of Israeli and American society, including 220 non-profit leaders, over 100 young professionals, almost 150 students, and over 150 speakers. The Conference brought together community leaders, prominent thinkers and journalists, senior policymakers and diplomats, business leaders, innovators, and more.

Join Israeli-Americans, Jewish Americans, and Israel supporters from throughout the US, and take an active part in shaping our future.

Join the movement.