IAC Dor Chadash is a network of Israeli and American Jewish young professionals, who seek to create meaningful connections with Israel and each other through cultural, educational & social gatherings.

Unique Highlighted Series:

Dinner With Friends
Intimate gatherings that aim to bring the community together around good food, interesting discussions and creating new connections.

Community Shabbat Dinners
Shabbat dinners celebrating community and togetherness. In partnership with OneTable.

Performances of Israel’s up-and-coming and best cultural artists
Bringing interesting and relevant talents from Israel for everyone that wants to feel Israel in New York

Memories @ home
A home event born from our understanding that we, young Jewish people living in or away from Israel, are growing increasingly disconnected from the official and outdated events of “Holocaust Memorial Day”. [email protected] offers an opportunity for anyone seeking to connect with the memory of the Holocaust, in a different yet meaningful way by connecting and personally listening to Holocaust survivors.

Yom Hazikaron ceremony
A unique Israeli style ceremony commemorating our fallen.

CeIebrate Israel after party
After the parade the party is just starting for young professionals!



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