Margarita Spichko

Manager of Diaspora Affairs Office, Ministry of Diaspora Affairs

Margarita Spichko was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and made Aliyah with her family in 1990. She holds a degree in Journalism and Business Management and is completing her master’s degree in Business Management. She was a producer for the Israeli “Yedioth Ahronot” newspaper, then became a coordinator in the Ministry for Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs, where she was in charge of various projects inthe Public Diplomacy Unit. Today Margarita holds the position of Diaspora Coordinator in the Ministry for Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs. Among the projects she is in charge of are “Mitchabrim” - in cooperation with the WZO, an initiative that opens community centers for Israelis abroad; and JWRP - a project that brings thousands of women from all over the world to Israel, in order to strengthen their Jewish identity and connection with the State of Israel.