Eli Shaharabany

Chairman of the Board, Tzav Pius

Eli Shaharabany is a Social Entrepreneur and NGO Development-Strategist. During the last 20 years, Eli has initiated and established more than 12 organizations which focus on promoting dialog between communities; improving the traditional education systems and structures, while addressing and responding to the individual welfare needs. 
Eli's long experience with fundraising, board development and strategic planning has made him a leading mentor and consultant to entrepreneurs and NGO's on an international level.  Many of Eli's projects have been modeled and "scaled-up" after in other communities and sectors.

Among the projects Eli has spear headed and initiated are: 

  • Nachshon, The Academy for Social Leadership, 
  • Be-Atzmi,  assisting unemployed and underprivileged Israeli's to integrate into stable and appropriate workforce opportunities on their own,
  • "Israeli Social Model" designed to focus on scaling-up social projects, thereby reaching greater successes.

Eli is a law school graduate and study for master's degree in Social Leadership at Tel Aviv University.
As fundraising and philanthropy strategist, Eli's past positions have included Director of the OSCF, an American family foundation that supported Jewish causes, as well as, Director of the Resource and Development Department at the Open University of Israel. 

Eli serve as the chairman of the Tzav-Pius board, Organization that dedicated to initiate and establish joint education for religious and secular Jews in the Israeli public school system.