Dr. Simcha Leibovich

Executive Representative, WZO, North America

As the North American Representative of the World Zionist Organization Executives, Dr. Simcha Leibovich currently oversees the entire operation of the WZO Movement in North America, including its popular teacher emissary unit, Shlihim. He is also a founding member of the Hebrew Literacy Council.

A master teacher, trainer, and co-editor of the Encyclopedia for Social Educational Activities, Dr. Simcha Leibovich has worked as Dean of Informal Education at Orot-Academic College for Education and Givat Washington College of Education for over three decades. For thirty years, Simcha ran the summer "Mercaz", the educational programming center of Camp Ramah in Wisconsin, and developed the Ramah Program Bank for Online Educational Activities for the Ramah Camps in the U.S. and Canada. A consummate advisor and supervisor to youth movements across Israel and the world, Simcha is the Founding Director of the Outdoor Center for Leadership at Neot Kedumim (Bible Lands Reservation) for over a decade.