Dr. Sara Shadmi-Wortman

Head of Department of Community, Shdemot Center, Oranim College of Education

Dr. Sara Shadmi-Wortman is an international expert in the field of community building as a process for creating resilient communities.
During her 20+ years of academic research and field work, Shadmi has developed a model for Community Building based on creating networks within and between different stakeholders in the community, in order to strengthen social capital. In the heart of the model lies the connection between identity, education and leadership, which places an emphasis on the role of local leadership, and on its young adults as a lever for community regeneration.
The principles, concepts and tools of this model are universal. They have been implemented in broad processes in communities and organizations in Israel, Nepal and Burundi, touching the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.
Shadmi currently holds 3 significant positions within Oranim College of Education. She is the Academic Director of "Hotam" (or: Teach First Israel-TFI), a social-educational leadership program for training teachers. She is also the head of the M.Ed Track for Community Leadership, and Chairperson for K.A.M.A Center- for all field-work and partnerships of the College.
Previously, Shadmi was a partner in founding and director of: "Shdemot"-Center for Community Leadership (1999), which works with municipalities, organizations and government agencies to develop community leadership across Israel; and- "HaMidrasha" Center for Jewish Education (1990)- working towards the renewal of Jewish life in Israel.  
Shadmi is a graduate of the 4th cohort of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership (1996). She holds a BA degree in Sociology & Education (1989), a Master's degree in Political Communication (1994), both from the University of Haifa and a Ph.D. in Education & Community Building (2010).