Ben Pery

Executive Director, JWRP

Ben joined Jewish Women's Renaissance Project as the Executive Director in April 2013.  Ben’s experience as a lawyer and manager proved invaluable. Whether reviewing contracts in Hebrew, providing a deep understanding of the Israeli government system, or keeping everything moving smoothly, Ben has been instrumental in the success of JWRP's new partnership with the Ministry of Diaspora, while also supervising the JWRP’s team, and managing operations, day-to-day.

Ben is a graduate of Tel Aviv University’s prestigious “Political and Public Leadership Studies Master's  Program” for Executives (M.A., cum laude), and also holds a LL.B/J.D (Bachelor  of Law) degree from Tel Aviv University. From 2007–2013 Ben served as Vice President of Operations for the Peres Center for Peace. He oversaw the construction of their new building in Jaffa, Israel, and spearheaded numerous social projects, all while managing internal and external operations and staff. Ben also had the privilege of working closely with Israel’s President, Mr. Shimon Peres, and his inner team of advisors.

Ben and his wife Holly currently live in Maryland with their young children, Alexandra and David.