Adina Bar Shalom

Founder and President, Haredi College in Jerusalem, Israel Prize Recipient

Rabbanit Adina Bar-Shalom - The eldest daughter of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef zt"l. Founder and president of the Haredi College in Jerusalem, Israel Prize recipient for contribution to society and the state.
Born in 1945, grew up in Jerusalem and educated in the "Bet Yaakov" school.
Mother of three children, fourteen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. 
Adina Bar Shalom is working to promote higher education and employment within the Haredi community and integration of the Ultra-Orthodox Israeli society.
She is involved in promoting and empowering women in Israel in all sectors of the society and creating a bridge and dialogue between the various groups in the Israeli society.
Adina is a member and an advisor in several organizations. 

2015 - Member of the Board of the Jerusalem Inter-Cultural Center
2014 - Israel Prize winner for lifetime achievement and contribution to the community
           Torch-bearer at the 66th Independence Day of the State of Israel Ceremony 
           Member of the Education Committee chaired by the Minister of Education
2013 - Member of the Advisory Council of the "Mifal Hapayis" lottery
2012 - Doctor of Philosophy, Honorary title - Ben Gurion University
           Quality Government knight in Israel Honorary fellow - IDC Herzliya
           Member of the Executive Board of "Maala"
2011 - Honorary Fellow - Ruppin College
2010 - Board member of "Yad Ben Zvi"
2009 - Member of "Ashuka" - International organization of social entrepreneurship
2008 - Member in the "Society" Association for the Advancement of Education"
2005 - Board member of "Bar Ilan" University
2004 - Committee member of "Mati Jerusalem"
2001 - Member of the Council of "Yachad"
2000 - Member of Forum for "National Responsibility"