Oded Ouaknine

Chief Customer Officer at Duda

Specialization in customer success and customer retention for both small business, enterprise software and SaaS customers. Proven track record of developing and bringing successful products and services to market, building and leading teams in high-growth, dynamic environments, and delivering turn-around results of customer success, customer service, technical support, customer experience and professional services operations.

Proven reputation as a creative, solution-driven leader that has a passion for developing long term customer relationships, maintaining high customer satisfaction levels, and getting the most out of team members. 

Very experienced launching software and hardware products for companies such as Next Media Asia, Panasonic, SANRAD, MonoSphere and others.

Specialties: Professional Services, Customer engagement ,Customer Success, on-boarding, Product Management, Mobile, API, E-Commerce, Large sale system design, social networking, Internet applications, Storage Virtualization, Data Replication , Make a difference! Technology Management , Technical Sales, Sales Operations, , Product Management, Corporate Operations, Professional Services, Technical Partnerships,
Technical Support, Customer Satisfaction, Quality / Process Engineering,High Growth Organizations