Etty Dolgin

Chicago Regional Council Chair

Director of Education at Moadon Kol Chadash, Director of Israel learning at Olin Sang Ruby Union Institute, IAC Co-chair, Chicago and a Board member – National Association of Teachers of Hebrew.

Etty Dolgin is a co-founder and presently the Director of Education of Moadon Kol Chadash and Gan Gani, a Hebrew immersion Jewish education program. Etty has held the position of Master Israel Educator at the Community Foundation of Jewish Education of Metropolitan Chicago Area from 2002-2016.  A graduate of the Master Teachers' Institute in Chicago. Etty has been involved with the Hebrew program at Olin Sang Ruby Union Institute (OSRUI) since 1970. She founded the Merkaz Ivrit of OSRUI and has been Director of Hebrew Learning there since 1982. Etty has co-directed the Kesher team, publishers and distributors of Hebrew learning materials for many years.

Etty is a graduate of the IFellows program of the ICenter in Chicago. She holds a Master of Arts in Jewish Professional Studies (MAJPS) from Spertus university in Chicago.