Dorit Raviv

Regional Council Member

Dorit Raviv was born and raised in Jerusalem Israel. She served in the Israeli army in the Nachal unit. After earning her B.A. degree from Hebrew University, Dorit and her husband Gabriel, along with their first born son Ronnie came to the U.S. to pursue Gabi's doctorate degree in biomedical engineering (which was not yet available in Israel at the time). Dorit worked as a Hebrew teacher while completing a masters degree in special education at University of Illinois. She then earned a Ph. D. In learning disabilities from Northwestern University.

After many years of working as a psychoeducational diagnostician in Evanston Northwestern Hospital's pediatrics department, Dorit is currently working in private practice, helping children with learning and developmental challenges.
Dorit and Gabi are dedicated to supporting education, mostly in Israel. They sponsor several students through the FIDF's Impact program; involved in Tel Chai College LD department; and support the Chicago project of Israel Children's Zone in Kiryat Gat - a school-wide assessment and support program for at-risk students. Dorit is a mother of three (Ronnie, Tal and Yonatan) and a grandmother of four (Niev, Ori, Elai and Noa).