Meetchabrim - Building a future together. An open network of organizations working to foster mutual responsibility (arvut), a sense of unity, and “peoplehood” among all sectors of society in order to create together grassroots initiatives for the common future of the community.

As a part of our community building process, we have conducted two Meetchabrim meetings to engage members of the community in initiating and organizing new projects. Together, we chose to start three initiatives:

  1. Creating an Israeli LinkedIn group to facilitate Israeli networking. Team leader: Gabriela Kroszynski –
  2. Organizing community events for different age groups in the community:

    Children – age 11-12
    Families with children
    Young professionals
    Empty nesters Team leader: Ronny Dekel –
  3. Israeli Advocacy – providing the tools for communal diplomacy. Team leader: Avner Golov –

We welcome members of our community to join us in organizing these initiatives. If you are interested in taking part in one of the projects, please contact the team leader.

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