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Pazit Lahav & IAC
5:30pm to 6:30pm, every week on Thursday
Since Thu, Sep 06th 2018 until Thu, Apr 25th 2019
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Merkaz IAC
1320 Centre St. Suite #301
02459 Newton Center , MA

We are very excited to announce the opening of a new dance group in partnership with Pazit Lahav & Brookline Folk Dancing. The new group’s program, named "Aviv" (Spring), is for children ages 7-10. "Aviv" was created in the vision of traditional israeli folk dancing groups with an eye to modern dancing. In other words it is an attempt of creating a fusion between traditional israeli folk dancing and modern dancing trends. The group will be performing during the year at the 'Israeli Folk Dancing Festival' at MIT and at various community events. The director of the group, Pazit Lahav, will start teaching the children the basics of dancing in various styles, work as a team and learn how to lead and teach for themselves as they progress through the year. This has been proved to build children’s confidence, and self esteem as well as physical stamina. The group will serve as the little sister for the teen group "Kahol-Lavan". Dancers from “Aviv” which demonstrate high level of dedication, commitment and skill to dancing will eventually be promoted to dance with the dancers of "Kahol-Lavan"

The dancing styles that will be taught during the year are: Modern dancing, Jazz, Israeli folk dancing and more.

We are opening our doors and inviting girls and boys aged 7-10 who love to dance and perform to join us. 

Cost $525 for 30 classes (every Thursday, from Sep 6, 2018 - Apr 25, 2019) – every dancer will receive two different costumes for the various performances and group t-shirt.

Please register and pay in link below (if you prefer to avoid the additional Eventbrite fee, it is possible to send a check made out to IAC Boston).


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