It all starts with a spark…

IAC Boston exists to be the spark, and a force that unifies local Israeli-Americans. The IAC empowers the Israeli - American community to become an essential partner to the Jewish community in its quest to expand its impact and deepen its connection to Israel. Our local Israeli-American community is extraordinarily vibrant and dynamic, made up of over 32,000 individuals and approximately 14,000 households with occupations in the fields of high tech, biotech, education and medicine. While the community has significant strengths and capacity it is largely disconnected from the broader Jewish community and from the need to protect our collective future.

IAC Boston has developed a range of innovative programming that has begun to engage Israeli-Americans, channeling their innovative spirit and combined energy into volunteerism, activism and building meaningful connection with a myriad of Jewish organizations. It’s a compelling start but our aspirations are far greater.

"There is a spark that occurs when the Israeli-American community engages with the broader Jewish community, a spark that creates new possibilities for future generations." - ILAN SEGEV, IAC Boston Co-Chair



OUR MISSION - The mission of the Israeli-American Council (IAC) is to build an engaged and united Israeli-American community that strengthens the Israeli and Jewish identity of our next generations, the American Jewish community, and the bond between the peoples of the United States and the State of Israel.



IAC Boston engages Israeli-Americans in community building through the following programs:

IAC KESHET – Instills a connection to Israeli and Jewish identity in the next generation by engaging families in the Hebrew language, Israeli education and culture.

IAC SHISHI ISRAELI – A community-wide event in which Israeli and Jewish Americans share a heartfelt and uplifting experience around the Shabbat dinner table.

CELEBRATE ISRAEL - Bridging between communities by celebrating the State of Israel and educating through music, arts and culture

IAC EITANIM – A unique leadership and entrepreneurship project-based program that allows high-school students to connect, explore and experience Israel.

IAC MISHELANU - A college campus leadership program that allows Israeli-American students on campus to meet, explore their dual identities and their connection to the State of Israel.

IAC ENGAGE – A grass-roots program through which community members identify local needs and initiate projects that strengthen the community.

IAC ADVOCACY – Provides the tools for community members to become effective advocates for Israel through meetings with high profile speakers and intimate training sessions.

IAC SHORASHIM – Reinforces Jewish tradition and strengthens Jewish identity for unaffiliated Israelis.

IAC GVANIM –  A leadership program exploring Israeli and Jewish identities in order to address challenges of the next generation and build bridges with the American Jewish community.

"By modeling values of Tikkun Olam and philanthropy, we are giving our children the lifelong gift of what it means to be a Jew." - RACHEL CHAFETZ, IAC Boston Co-Chair


that ignites our collective potential…

Ultimately, IAC Boston seeks to ensure that the next generation of Israeli-Americans will take pride in their Israeli & Jewish identities and feel a strong connection to Jewish peoplehood.

"IAC  is building a community to take responsibility for the next generation of Israeli-Americans and for strengthening the State of Israel." - Na'ama Ore, IAC Boston Regional Director

Merkaz IAC, a 5,000 square foot community center located in Newton Center, has become a dynamic hub of programs and activities that provide a sense Israeli culture, Jewish tradition and community for the whole family.

Alongside this important work is an ongoing effort to ignite and empower other local Israeli organizations that share our mission. IAC Boston provides capacity building grants to increase the impact of those organizations focused on developing our children’s identities.

"IAC is a motivating force, empowering many within the Israeli and Jewish community to step forward to lead, serve and engage in meaningful ways. " - ETTY SHNEORSON, IAC GVANIM Alumna


…in a partnership that protects our future. 

We believe that uniting the Boston Israeli-American community and connecting its capacity to the local Jewish community will result in deep, mutually beneficial partnerships that will yield profound consequence including greater protection of Jewish peoplehood and the State of Israel.  

The elimination of perceptual divides between Israeli-Americans and the larger Jewish community demands a spark, the ignition of the realization that we are stronger together and that only the foundation of our past will ensure our future. That is the role of Boston’s Israeli-American Council. 

For us to continue to be the spark we need your spark, your contributions and commitment. Ours is a mission that benefits all members of the Israeli-American and Jewish communities and accordingly we need support from everyone. We welcome you to the IAC Boston community and invite you to take part!

"We are stronger together than apart. The future of both the Israeli and American Jewish communities depends on our connection." - Barry Shrage, President of CJP 



Since our inception in 2014, IAC Boston has made measurable impact in a number of ways, including:

Opening of Merkaz IAC as a hip, inviting place of connection and collaboration for the entire community

Engaging with over 10,000 adults and families

Collaborating with 45 Israeli and Jewish community organizations and hosting over 100 joint events

Initiating 12 new IAC programs in the Boston region

Partnered with CJP to produce Boston’s largest ever Celebrate Israel event

Distributing capacity building grants to 16 existing Israeli organizations

Organizing two rallies at the Boston Common and City Hall Plaza attended by thousands to support Israel during 2014 “Operation Protective edge”

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