Saturday, February 25, 2017

Dear IAC Family,

This past weekend, 400 Israeli-American and Jewish American students and campus advocates made history by gathering to learn, engage, and teach at the 3rd IAC Mishelanu National Conference; making it the largest Jewish-American student conference.  The conference, growing more than 50% over last year, reflects the exceptional growth IAC Mishelanu has experienced, which now includes more than 1,000 students on over 100 campuses across 17 states.

Fulfilling the IAC’s mission, and led by professional and dedicated staff, IAC Mishelanu has effectively bridged gaps between campus and Israel, serving as a hub for Israeli-American and Jewish Americans alike. The pro-Israel students explore and strengthen their Israeli, American and Jewish identities through Israeli culture, Hebrew language, Israeli and American-style Judaism, a shared heritage and activism.

IAC Mishelanu students are our 'secret sauce' on campus. They speak both 'Israeli' and 'American,’ and serve as a unique bridge within the university’s student body, spreading love and passion for Israel. The programs rapid growth is an indicator of the need for young Israeli-Americans to establish a home on campus where they can express and engage in their Israeliness—a home that is also attractive for young Jewish Americans. I am exceptionally proud our students and look forward to experiencing the incredible impact they make for generations to come..
שבת שלום!
Shoham Nicolet