Saturday, August 4, 2018

This past September, our family relocated to New York from Givatayim, Israel. Over the last year we have built a new life for ourselves, as an Israeli family living in America. When we first arrived, we attended an IAC Shishi Israeli dinner in the Upper West Side where we made many new friends and lasting connections. This program really helped us settle in and reassured us that there is a community here that we could be a part of. 
Throughout the year, our family has attended many events and programs organized by the IAC: for Purim, Tu Bishvat, Shishi Israeli, and more. In this period filled with change and new beginnings, we found a constant in our active community engagement through IAC programming. It’s become our way to make friends, connect to our roots and keep our family Israeli.

This year, we will come to the IAC conference as a family and my parents will join us from Michigan. The Israeli-American Council has become a second family to us so quickly, by making connections and opening doors, and allowing us to feel part of a bigger community. The six of us are tremendously excited to arrive in South Florida this November for the IAC National Conference.

We hope to see you there!

- Amy and Avishay Nachon
IAC New York

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