Saturday, August 10, 2019

חברים יקרים,

The State of California is planning to institutionalize an anti-Semitic curriculum in our public high schools. This curriculum, if implemented, would systematically discriminate against Jewish-American and Israeli-American students as an ethnic minority. 

Our community has less than one week to act and submit official comments to the California Department of Education.

The new ethnic studies curriculum threatens to turn public schools into unsafe, hate-filled environments that are fueled by anti-Israel narratives.

The proposed curriculum is virulently anti-Israel, does not include Jews as an ethnic minority, and opens the floodgates of BDS. It fosters hatred and exclusion in an environment where our children are meant to expressly and freely represent their heritage.

On behalf of thousands of concerned citizens and parents, the Israeli-American Council is filing an official complaint to the Department of Education today. In this complaint, we will implore the department to support a comprehensive model for ethnic studies that will help students and teachers appreciate diversity, and educate them about different forms of hatred, while being inclusive to minority groups that have faced historical subjugation, such as the Jewish People.

We need your help - more than 3,400 people have already joined our call to action- please sign your name on the official complaint here!

Without your help, this curriculum can potentially stain millions of children’s’ educations.

Together, we must act to secure the future of our children in California and beyond.


Shoham Nicolet
IAC Co-founder & CEO

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