Saturday, April 27, 2019

The Israeli-American Council is horrified and devastated by the news that today – the last day of Passover – an evil man burst into the Chabad of Poway in Northern San Diego County and opened fire, killing one and injuring at least three. 

These murders did not occur in a vacuum. They are the product of age-old hate that continues to infect millions around the world. 

Today’s events sound yet another alarm about the growing danger of anti-Semitism in our country.

In recent years, anti-Semitic tropes once confined to the fringes of our culture have been increasingly expressed openly and unabashedly, including in mainstream American media. 

History’s lessons call on us as to act together with strength and unity to fight anti-Semitism wherever it rears its ugly head. The IAC will not stand silent. 

At this moment of tragedy, the IAC community in San Diego and across the country will join as one family to provide comfort, healing, and strength.
We thank law enforcement for rushing to protect our community and the emergency medical professionals who are treating the wounded. 

Our prayers go out to the Jewish soul we lost today, to the injured, and their families. May the memory of the fallen be a blessing. 

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