Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Over the past two days, the Hamas terrorist organization launched a horrific attack on Israeli civilians from the Gaza Strip, firing more than 400 rockets targeting cities and communities in the Southern part of Israel. 

In these attacks, one person was murdered, many were severely injured, and numerous homes were damaged. Tens of thousands of Israeli families were forced to hide in shelters with their children. Thanks to Israel’s technology and the Iron Dome, an untold number of human lives were saved.

Our hearts are with the families who lost their loved ones, and we pray for the full recovery of the injured.

The IAC’s coast-to-coast family stands shoulder-to-shoulder with our brothers and sisters in Israel as they continue to be confronted with this terrorism. They wake up every morning knowing that this danger lives in their backyard – and yet they face it with strength and courage on behalf of Israel, the Jewish people, and the free world. We pray every moment for their safety and for the Israel Defense Forces.

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