Friday, September 15, 2017

It’s almost Rosh Hashanah, a time of new beginnings, new goals, and new resolutions. To mark the occasion, we decided to ask the IAC Mishelanu team to share their dreams for 5778. Here are the Hebrew words that they hope will describe their new year! 

5 Hebrew Words to Welcome in the New Year

  צמיחה - Growth

“A year ago, I arrived in Boston with my spouse. So many significant life events took place soon after, and the past year has been filled with adapting and acclimating to our new lives. Now, as I enter a new and exciting position with IAC Mishelanu, I hope that this year will be a year of growth that leads to new and exciting experiences.”

-Lior Hirshhoren Lavie, IAC Mishelanu New England Regional Manager









התחדשות - Renewal

“Each new year feels like a new beginning — full of new and wonderful possibilities.”

-Tal Zmiri Willner, IAC Mishelanu Program Director

Innovation - חדשנות

“I always want to grow, create and learn new things, and experience challenging adventures.”

-Dustin Biton, IAC Mishelanu Senior Program Manager

Rocking - הורסת

“I want to rock the upcoming year! I hope it will be fun, with new challenges and a lot of growth. Because growth doesn’t only involve peaks and highlights, I hope that I’ll be able to solve any challenges that come my way, and that I’ll be able to learn many great lessons.”

-Gili Segev, IAC Mishelanu Northwest Regional Manager

Experiences - חוויות

“I’m looking forward to a year filled with new experiences, new beginnings, and new friendships. Last week, we left Florida because of the hurricane and traveled to Atlanta. There, an Israeli family, whose daughters are IAC Mishelanu Fellows at UGA, welcomed us into their home. What an amazing way to begin the new year!”

-Rachel Weiss, IAC Mishelanu Southeast Regional Manager

Moving Forward - זרימה

“This year, I’d like to continue learning, developing, and moving forward in a balanced way.”

-Kobi Cohen, IAC Mishelanu Northeast Regional Manager


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