Monday, December 11, 2017

In the coming days, we will gather with family and friends to celebrate the miracle of Hanukkah and recommit ourselves to its message of faith, courage, and the importance of community. It is also a time to reflect on the miracles we witness every day.

As we light our Hanukkiahs, eat latkes, and recount the victories of the Maccabees, we can be grateful for miracles old and new.

Introducing IAC Keshet at Home, a new series of activity kits for children ages 0-12. The kits offer new, fun ways to engage around the Hebrew language, Jewish traditions, and experience Israeli culture in your home. The first kit includes activities, songs and unique ideas on celebrating Hanukkah together with family and friends.

Happy Hanukkah!  !חג חנוכה שמח

Free IAC Keshet Hanukkah Activity Kit!

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