Monday, June 27, 2016

We started today with absolutely nothing done, not even an idea, and at this point we have started the Social Media Revolution of MyMayim. Today is truly a demonstration of how much work a group of people can get done in just a few short hours once they have learned to trust each other. In the first hour we were very confused and did not know in what direction to go, but after some help from mentor (Han) and a very supportive team counselor, (Tomer) we established our idea and really got the ball rolling! We slowly yet surely built a business plan, logo, and a product model and really got everyone involved in the making of this company. After dinner we got our value proposition judged and it gave us more perspective for our company and when we began working we got more help from CEO Sophia and then we developed an even sharper image of what we want our company to end up looking like. In the final hours we built a social media presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and built more logistics for our hashtags and brainstormed ideas for merchandise. It was an overall successful day that our group and enjoyed and will remember.


-Itay Dvir, Aaron Steinberg, Jordan Ben-David, Zoe Schaffer, Shelly Hed, Shahar Hartman, Matan Bar, Arielle Sherbak, Nirel Gal