Tuesday, June 28, 2016

During our three-hour Hacking session, our group (a.k.a H2O4U) has had to overcome many challenges, while still enjoying the process of working with our teammates and finding out more about each other. A highlight from our day was finishing up our logo (created by Ela and Jan), that accurately represents our idea and the company’s goals and purposes. It combines nature with technology and attracts the eye of the audience; it draws them into our project, and encourages them to read more about it. Another highlight was applying the techniques we learned about from Han Rabinowitz, such as the 5 Steps of the Han, in which he taught us to frame the basic settings of our project clearly and specifically. Our day was fun and engaging, and we got a lot of work done thanks to our good team working and communication skills.

-Ofri Arbel, Edan'el Fishbein, Tom Zeevi, Nathan Berger, Danielle Amir-Lobel, Ela Avimor, Ori Bitton, Jan Bloch, Omri Bronfman, Tom Shezifi