Ronald Setty

Regional Council Member


Ronald Setty is chair of the IAC Atlanta council. He has held a broad variety of leadership positions at leading software and hi-tech companies as Vindicia, Amdocs, Nortel Networks and hi-tech startups –  evolving from an artificial intelligence expert and software developer to leadership of programs and business units of up to hundreds of millions of dollars with Fortune 100 clients. He is currently Vice President head of Advertising business unit for Amdocs. Ronald received his B.Sc in Mathematics and Computer Science and his Masters of Business Administration from Tel Aviv University, with Certificates from the Wharton Business School and INSEAD Business School.  The Setty's are a great example of an IAC Israeli American family. Ronnie himself grew up in NYC but also lived in Israel and served five years in the Israeli military.  Ronnie was previously a mentor at  IAC Eitanim youth group program, his wife Yael is graduate of IAC Gvanim, his daughters founded the IAC Mishelanu program at University of Georgia and his son has participated in Eitanim youth group programs.