Eyal Postelnik

Regional Council Member

After serving at the IDF in the Air Force, Eyal studied Electical Engeneering at the Technion university.

After working for Elbit Computers as design engineer for aircraft avionics, Eyal founded of few companies, including Road Track, Car Telematic solution, providing solutions to GM, with the brand name OnStar for all Latin America countries, as a turn Key solution, from design, production and Call centers, E-Drive technology , doing business in the Fleet Management segment,  monitoring vehicles diagnostics as well as drivers behavior, performances and Fuel Consumption, with world wide distribution network, key customers UN missions around the world, And Playermaker, a 3D motion sensor, that tracks various sport activities, analyze and performs as a real time coacher, Player Maker is Football ( soccer) footwear sensor that tracks player technical and tactical performance. The system is part of the daily training routine of many top-tier academies

Eyal is Married, has 2 daughters and 3 grandkids.