Shlomo Danieli

Regional Council Member

Shlomo Danieli was born in Tel-Aviv in 1946. He is a graduate from Agricultural school and served in the Israeli air force. Shlomo graduated in 1971 from Hebrew-U in Rehovot Agricultural department and went to work for Carmel/Agrexco in Israel and Germany for 11 years. During the reserve service he was a student and served two wars (the 6 day and Yom Kipur) in the front line in a tanks battalion.

Shlomo came to the USA in 1981 to see what the “free market" can offer, and started to import fresh cut flowers from all over the world to the floral trade. He then sold the business in 1994. Shlomo retired and studied history at Spertus university / Chicago for 1 ½ year. During that time he developed the DA-SH board, a color catalog tool. In 1996 after retirement was too much for his temperament, he entered back into the work-force and started to import Israeli flowers to the USA and also built a fresh cut flower farm in Wisconsin. Both are his main businesses today. Currently, in addition to being part of the IAC, he is involved in the American Israeli Chamber of Commerce, Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce and as a “moral supporter” for the ; Technion, Hebrew-U, University of Haifa in Chicago.