Hadar Hamu

Eitanim Arizona Program manager

Hadar Hamu/ Arizona Eitanim Program Manager

Hadar was born and raised in Beer Sheva, Israel; at the age of 10, she moved to the United States with her family.

Upon completing High School in Arizona, Hadar moved to Israel with the purpose of drafting into the IDF as a lone soldier with Garin Tzabar program.

She proudly served as a combat medic for two years and was stationed in the Gaza Division.

Upon completing her IDF service in 2016, she returned to the United States and directed the sunny and wonderful, Israeli Scouts Chapter—Shevet Shemesh in Phoenix, Arizona. She began studying at Arizona State University in 2017. Today, Hadar proudly and passionately directs the local Israeli Scouts Chapter and simultaneously continues to strive to complete her studies at the local University.