Building and mobilizing an activist community to fight against antisemitism and the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement; advocating for greater transparency and balance in high school Middle East curricula; creating new pro-Israel leadership on college campuses to Israel; educating about Israel and the threats of antisemitism; and developing high-level partnerships with Jewish community leaders to effect change.


Through interactive online sessions, led by our activism experts, participants follow an activism journey that guides and empowers them to become pro-Israel activists! These sessions include discovering the terminology of pro-Israel and pro-Jewish activism, practicing responses to tough questions, learning about the current state of antisemitism, the difference between productive criticism of Israel and anti-Zionism and practicing action plans using real-life situations.

Each course session will be taught by an Activism Expert.

We know it can be difficult to maintain engaging sessions with your students/community members without meeting in person, therefore see this as a great opportunity for you to provide your participants with innovative and interactive content while they are engaging from home.

Groups are offered the ConnecTivism curriculum as a 5-session free package as an adult track, teen track or educators track; Please contact us to schedule the dates and times. We will work around your scheduling needs. 

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